Past Life Regression


Have you ever had the feeling that you have been somewhere before, even though you know that you have never been there?

Have you ever met someone and felt a connection as if you already know them?

Do you wonder about the possibility of having lived before, of having a past life?

If these are questions that you have asked yourself why not experience a journey under hypnosis which will amaze and surprise you with its detail. Whilst some people will try past life regression simply out of curiosity, some see it as a chance for personal growth and healing.

During the session there may be opportunity for therapeutic work to help address any past life issues that may be causing difficulties in your current life. For many it will be an emotional experience that may release supressed emotions or address negative thoughts and behaviours that they currently hold.

Each person is unique with a unique history and therefore everyone’s experience will be different however it is an experience that you will never forget. 


Session: £40 


Here is a recent testimonial of from a client who opted for Past Life Regression service.

"I had a past life regression with Jill Bleau. I am open as I am a spiritualist, but even so, having never done this before, though exited, I was also rather nervous. What if I was regressed to a time of great pain, or had been an evil person??

However as soon as Jill arrived, she put me and my partner, also a spiritualist, at our ease. In turn we had a fabulous past life regression. The technique for meditation and putting us in turn under hypnosis to be regressed was easy and relaxing. 

The experience for both of us was among the best things we have ever done. I even checked out the details of the period I was regressed to, and everything fitted. It felt amazing. I could feel the feelings, smell the atmosphere and knew the people in the regression. I was introduced to this experience being gently talked through going down a hall of doors and was drawn to one in particular. There were many, all representing other lives I have lived. My experience was as a poor peasant in the times of 1612 through to 1642. I had a mother and sister there with me, and even saw how I had died and gone to the light.

My father who had died before I remembered him was there waiting for me, as was my mother. It was an experience that made me feel compelled to go through those other doors and find out more. I am also considering a hypnosis to give up smoking and would only consider going to Jill for any of these options. It was so comfortable, I was at ease and feel it is wonderful to have learned of lives past. 

My partners regression was so good, (though a desolate life,) that when he checked details, there exists a painting of the lady he worked for as a servant, wearing a yellow dress that he remembers sewing for her in the regression, in preparation for an event. It is and was amazing. I would highly recommend her to anybody open minded enough to consider finding out about past lives, issues in the present one and for hypnosis to kick the habits one doesn't want but doesn't have the willpower alone."