Relaxation Therapy


Ongoing pressure of work and daily life can lead to serious problems if left unaddressed. Being able to relax is vital if you want to achieve balance of mind, body and soul.

The benefits of relaxing have an impact not only on your physical wellbeing but your emotional and mental wellbeing too. 

For many people being able to achieve meaningful relaxation is a struggle as they are unable to quiet the mind. Sleepless nights lead to difficult days where day to day functioning requires more and more effort. This leads to more stress, sleepless nights and so the cycle continues.

Relaxation under hypnosis offers you the opportunity to be guided into a deep state of relaxation without you having to put pressure on yourself. The benefits of a 30 minutes session can be likened to those of having a good night’s sleep and will leave you feeling totally refreshed and re-energised.  

1:1 session £25 

Sessions can be delivered to small groups , price per person will be dependent on numbers.