"I went to see Jill for my issues with binge eating. I was a bit dubious as to whether Hypnotherapy would work for me, but it was amazing. She made me feel so comfortable before we started and explained the process thoroughly. It has been almost a month since my session, and I have not binged at all. I would honestly recommend Jill to anyone who has issues with eating, and needs a helping hand. It's the best thing that I have ever done for myself"
"Jill made me feel very comfortable straight away, her approach was welcoming and kind and I was able to talk about my problems confidently to her. The session was very relaxing and it really worked wonders! I can’t believe how amazing I feel still after my appointment which was weeks ago now. I just wish I had done this sooner! Highly recommend to anyone!!"
"I had a regression session with Jill.
She fully explained the process that would unfold and put me at ease. She guided me into a hypnotic state and quickly found the root of the issue we were looking for and successfully released some trapped emotions.
I would highly recommend Jill!"

"I have had a fear of the dentist for most of my life and it has been steadily getting worse. I needed to have treatment, so I met with Jill for one session and I have to say it changed my life. For the first time in over 20 years I have managed to get past the reception desk and meet with the dentist. I have now been three times in the past two months and had treatment. Each time I went I felt more confident and in control and now I can’t stop smiling, I can’t recommend seeing Jill enough." 


"I highly recommend Jill she was a great help
To me when I really needed it ! Thank you so so much."
"I found the sessions I had with Jill for hypnotherapy a valuable aid in reducing the stress I had in my life. After the sessions I felt a sense of relief and a calmness which helped with the challenges I was facing. Jill was able to provide me with the tools and the confidence to take the time for self-care. This is such an important aspect of our busy lives. Jill provides a holistic environment which supports the experience of the hypnotherapy sessions. I highly recommend Jill as a therapist, she is a person who has a natural gift to support others." 



"I was not sure what to expect from a hypnotherapy session, but I wanted to try a therapy which would help me with diet and to build confidence to achieve my goal. The session provided me with the knowledge of the choices I had, and this has been a very important step on my journey of self-learning. I am pleased I tried this therapy."



“I have always been terrified of flying and it has ruined many holidays. I didn’t want to rely on medication and had thought about trying hypnotherapy for a while. After just one session, Jill helped me to change my physical and emotional responses. Now I am able to change my routines relating to flying and my fears are more manageable, meaning I can enjoy my holidays!”



"I opted for time line regression after discussing issues with Jill.  I now have deeper insight into the origin of my experiences and attitudes. I would definitely recommend a session with Jill if you would like to get to the root of your personal problems." 

Maureen H 


"Over the past few years I'd developed a fear of crowds/small spaces to what I'd assumed had been totally random. I'd tried to seek help from my GP but they could not offer any cure that wasn't taking a pill, which was not an option for me. I thought I'd run out of options until I turned to Jill and her hypnotherapy session was able to help me understand and overcome my fears.

At each stage of the process Jill ensured I was well informed and removed any anxieties I had about the experience. Following Jill's amazing work I was able to go travelling around busy European cities and attend festivals again. I couldn't recommend a more natural and therapeutic way to overcome fears we cannot explain. I'll always be very grateful to Jill for helping me."



 "I was getting concerned about a medical procedure involving anaesthetic; in the past I have had a bad experience waking up afterwards. I decided to have hypnotherapy to see if it would help.

It was so very helpful for me, afterwards I felt more confident and positive especially about the forthcoming procedure. Not only that but was so relaxed and had the best night’s sleep I have had in a long while!

I can thoroughly recommend her hypnotherapy service."

Thankyou Jill                           

 Jan B


"I had a really positive experience with Jill, she made me feel at ease and explained everything that was going to happen. I had a clearance hypnosis as I carried too many negative thoughts due to experiences I had to deal with in my childhood and throughout my life; which I can now see was affecting my moods and the way I was thinking. 

I came out of the session feeling much more relaxed and my mind felt clearer. I am now able to discard any negative feelings and thoughts much more easily than before this session. Jill showed me that negative thoughts don’t have a positive effect so why hold onto them."



 "I had a past life regression with Jill Bleau. I am open as I am a spiritualist, but even so, having never done this before, though exited, I was also rather nervous. What if I was regressed to a time of great pain, or had been an evil person??

However as soon as Jill arrived, she put me and my partner, also a spiritualist, at our ease. In turn we had a fabulous past life regression. The technique for meditation and putting us in turn under hypnosis to be regressed was easy and relaxing. 

The experience for both of us was among the best things we have ever done. I even checked out the details of the period I was regressed to, and everything fitted. It felt amazing. I could feel the feelings, smell the atmosphere and knew the people in the regression. I was introduced to this experience being gently talked through going down a hall of doors and was drawn to one in particular. There were many, all representing other lives I have lived. My experience was as a poor peasant in the times of 1612 through to 1642. I had a mother and sister there with me, and even saw how I had died and gone to the light.

My father who had died before I remembered him was there waiting for me, as was my mother. It was an experience that made me feel compelled to go through those other doors and find out more. I am also considering a hypnosis to give up smoking and would only consider going to Jill for any of these options. It was so comfortable, I was at ease and feel it is wonderful to have learned of lives past. 

My partners regression was so good, (though a desolate life,) that when he checked details, there exists a painting of the lady he worked for as a servant, wearing a yellow dress that he remembers sewing for her in the regression, in preparation for an event. It is and was amazing. I would highly recommend her to anybody open minded enough to consider finding out about past lives, issues in the present one and for hypnosis to kick the habits one doesn't want but doesn't have the willpower alone."