Workplace Therapy


Are you an employer who is keen to support your employees' mental wellbeing or an employee who feels that your employer may be genuinely interested in reducing stress levels within your working environment?  Why not consider some therapeutic input which will benefit both staff and company?

We all know the impact that stress has on business and the cost to companies due to staff sickness as a result. Mental health issues are a constant topic of conversation and the number of people experiencing these difficulties continues to rise. 

I can offer relaxation sessions to help address these issues and to give advice on strategies and techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety levels in the future. Short sessions can be on a 1:1 basis or can be delivered in small groups. 

Along with the relaxation sessions, I can also offer some additional input for managers to help them look at their own stress levels and how this might impact on their staff. Learning to manage and address their own stress along with new behaviours can alter the dynamics of a workplace and reduce pressure for all. 

By reducing stress, you will create a happy workforce which will result in increased productivity and a reduction in lost working hours. 

Relaxation sessions can be arranged as part of your ongoing employee wellness programme or as a one-off event such as a team day. 

Prices to be negotiated according to requirements.